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Noddy Toyland Detective ( 2016 – 2019 )

Noddy, Toyland Detective

Toyland’s boy detective, Noddy, solves mysteries and finds missing objects with help from his friends: a panda, a superhero, a dinosaur and a robot.

Sezon 1 13 odcinków

Broken Crystal Memory Game / Amazing Eyebrows
Hiding Pirates / Missing Music Player
Sleepy Toys / Secret Deliveries
Lost Toy / Jumpy Revs
Deltoid's Strange Behavior / Slippery Stag
Broken Toywash / Dazzle Dragon
Sticky Putty / Blue Wall
Fable Forest Gold / Toyland Accidents
Unhelpful Queen / Mystery Artist
Bling's Hidden Present / Big Walls of Brick
Snowy Mystery / Wonky Toys
Tug of War Game / Runaway Animals
Rules of the Game / Rainbow Experiment

Sezon 2 11 odcinków

Lost Race / Broken Xylophone Bridge
Toyland Mischief Maker / Popping Balloons
Spooky Noise / Upset Animals
Empty Swapsie Wagon / Unhappy Unicorns
Sticker Mystery / Stolen Treasure
Moving Train Tracks / King of Toyland
Fly Away Balloons / Missing Brick
Missing Anchor / Disappearing Traffic Cone
Disappearing Special Things / Grey Coins
Bumpy's Burst Ball / Missing Wings
Unfunny Clown / Raining Carrots
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