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The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show ( 2015 – 2017 )

The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show

In their new show, Mr. Peabody and Sherman host a zany late-night comedy show from a swanky penthouse, with time-traveling guests and a live audience!

Sezon 1 13 odcinków

The Perfect Show / Napoleon
Stuck / Mozart
Sherman's Pet / Marco Polo
Handcuffs for a Song / Wright Bros
New Sponsor / Cleopatra
Black Hole / Winston Churchill
Big Boy / Blackbeard
Biggest Fan / Queen Isabella
Peabody's Parents / Galileo
Patch Games / Mark Twain
Favor for Christine / Lady Godiva
Medieval Fest / John Sutter
Outbreak / Ancient Greek Games

Sezon 2 13 odcinków

Show on the Road / Catherine the Great
Scrambled Eggs / George Stephenson
Big Top Peabody / Taj Mahal
World Records / Hotu Matu'a
Sherman From A to Zzzz / Akashi Shiganosuke
Orchoptitron in Love / John Harrington
Inside Hobson / Annie Oakley
Peabody's Diet / Ponce de Leon
Secret Agent Sherman / Alexander Cartwright
Sherman Exchange Program / Charles Dickens
Ruff Guyz / George Crum
I Knew That Was Gonna Happen / Sacagawea
The Perfect Show Again / Aristophanes

Sezon 3 13 odcinków

The Wrath of Hughes
Jump the Whale Shark / Frédéric Bartholdi
Pea Dummy / Mary Anning
Climate Control / Ziryab
Brain Switch / Koikawa Harumachi
Super Sherman / Ada Lovelace
Mouse Hunt / David Bushnell
Sweet Little Lies / Allan Pinkerton
Tree House / Queen Hatshepsut
This Is Your Life? / Robert Edwin Peary
Telethon / Enrico Caruso
Spooktacular / Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot
Return of the Guapos / Lucy Walker

Sezon 4 12 odcinków

Return of the Guapos Part 2
Return of the Guapos Part 3
Magic Hiccups / Gaius Maecenas
Sherman's Tooth / Voyager Gold Record
Gone Comic Gone / Harry Houdini
P-Bro / First Canine Police Force
Cheerleaders / Mansa Musa
Orchopti-NOT-ron / Mulan
The Show's the Thing / Peter Cooper
Peabody's Delivery / Joe vs. the Peabody and Sherman
Seen It / Edgar Allan Poe
The Perfect Perfect Show Again Again / Abraham Lincoln
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