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Forensic Files ( 1996 – 2011 )

Detectives and crime lab technicians use the latest and most fascinating procedures to solve crimes in this documentary-style show.

Sezon 1 38 odcinków

If I Were You
A Tight Leash
Muffled Cries
Skirting the Evidence
Small Town Terror
Fresh Heir
Step by Step
Blanket of Evidence
Two in a Million
Bitter Brew
Sharper Image
Wheel of Misfortune
The Day the Music Died
Sole Survivor
Catch 22
A Cinderella Story
Sands of Crime

Sezon 2 31 odcinków

Badge of Betrayal
Deadly Matrimony
Point of Origin
Seeds for Doubt
Saving Face
Northern Exposure
For Love or Money
South of the Border
Walking Terror
Plastic Puzzle
Tagging a Suspect
Strong Impressions
Cereal Killer
A Leg Up on Crime
Gold Rush
Four on the Floor
Cop Out
Summer Obsession

Sezon 3 37 odcinków

The List Murders
The Talking Skull
Beaten by a Hair
Invisible Intruder
Cement the Case
Body of Evidence
Haunting Vision
Dew Process
Foundation of Lies
Deadly Knowledge
Broken Promises
Second Shot at Love
Video Diary
Missing in Time
Fire Dot Com
Horse Play

Sezon 4 37 odcinków

Order Up
When the Dust Settled
Private Thoughts
Hair of a Dog
Breaking News
All the World's a Stage
The Big Chill
Bound for Jail
True Lies
Bed of Deceit
Smoke in your Eyes
Flower Power
Past Lives
In Harm's Way
No Corpus Delicti
Cloak of Deceit
Head Games

Sezon 5 35 odcinków

Killer Fog
Sex, Lies, and DNA
The Blood Trail
Charred Remains
Postal Mortem
Sim”ilar Circumstances
Crime Seen
Speck of Evidence
Out of the Ashes
Burning Ambition
Trail of Truth
Material Evidence
Lasting Impression
Unholy Vows
Time Will Tell
Journey to Justice
Hand Delivered

Sezon 6 37 odcinków

Dueling Confessions
Hack Attack
Road Rage
Hunter or Hunted?
Burning Desire
Stick 'em Up
Making the Collar
Palm Saturday
Army of Evidence
Deadly Valentine
Picture This
Oily in the Morning
A Clean Getaway
Prints Among Thieves
Unholy Alliance
Elemental Clue
Sole Searching
Going for Broke

Sezon 7 37 odcinków

Printed Proof
About Face
In the Bag
Yes, In Deed
Guarded Secrets
Smoking Out a Killer
Frozen Assets
House Hunting
Shoot to Thrill
Dancing with the Devil
Last Dance
Constructive Criticism
Home Evasion
Stranger in the Night
Family Ties
Trouble Brewing
Holy Terror
Needle in a Haystack

Sezon 8 47 odcinków

Southside Strangler
Legionnaires' Disease
The Common Thread
Bitter Potion
Fatal Fungus
Something's Fishy
Without a Trace
Knot for Everyone
Grave Evidence
Deadly Formula
Broken Bond
Ultimate Betrayal
Innocence Lost
Till Death Do Us Part
Ties That Bind
Accident or Murder?
Core Evidence
With Every Breath

Sezon 9 44 odcinki

Plastic Fire
Last Will
Dessert Served Cold
Once Bitten
A Welcome Intrusion
Sphere of Influence
Sign of the Zodiac
Web of Seduction
Bad Medicine
Over a Barrel
Shear Luck
Crash Course
Tight-Fitting Genes
Writer's Block
Sunday School Ambush
Penchant for Poison
Naughty or Nyce
Sunday's Wake
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