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Dawn of the Croods ( 2015 – 2017 )

The world's first family is back for more laughs as they discover sports, sleepovers and other wonders in a world of exotic creatures and adventures.

Sezon 1 13 odcinków

A Gran Day Out
School of Hard Rocks
Wet Hot Ahhh! Valley Summer / Grug Vs. the Moon
This Means Warts
The First Picture Show
Caved & Confused
The Eep-Over / Thunkytown
Mom Genes
Garden of Eaten
Night of the Living Croods / A Spoonful of Soo-gar
Friday Night Liyotes
The Crood Who Knew Too Much / Scent of a Thunk
Unsolved MysterEep

Sezon 2 13 odcinków

Gran the Unfriendly Ghost / Bad Sandy
It Crushes / Rebel Without a Paws
Grug vs. Math / Footloss
The Good Surprise / Night Mare on Eep Street
What Screams May Come / Grunt Anything
I Think Were Alone Meow / There Will Be Eggs
FrEepy Friday
Grug vs. Gurg / Unfair Fair
Baby Face Off / The Pursuit of Wrinkliness
Croodtopia / Hands on a Hard Egg
Disaster of Puppets / Love Will Eep Us Together
The Tide Is Nigh / Rain Gran
Dawn of the Broods Part 1 & Part 2

Sezon 3 13 odcinków

It Takes Ahhh! Valley Part 1 & 2
Deus Ex Monkhuahua / Slak Attack
Gorgey Girl / A Gran Adventure
127 Owwws / 28 Fleas Later
To Squawk with Love / Lerk Was the Night
The Flawed Couple / Go-Sip Girl
Munk History / Happy Howl Day
Snooty and the Beasts Part 1 & 2
Zero Dark Thunky / Pie vs. Pie
Super Smash Siblings / A Hole in Grug
Bait with Destiny / Sappy Together
Scare Tactics / DisturbiAHHH!
Thunk O'Clock High / The Croo-gitive

Sezon 4 13 odcinków

A Few Good Grugs / Valley Shine Day
My Big Fat Gran Wedding / The Strutting Edge
Caverns and Creepers / Rad Teacher
Chalk the Line / Weighting Is the Hardest Part
Worms of Endearment / Dr. StrangeGrug or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spear
Tunnel of Terror / Creature from the Crood Lagoon
Voice Fail Part 1 & 2
Grug's First Chance / Furry Road
Punch-Thunk Love / Nay Boors
Wrestlebabia: The Musical / Flowers for Munk
They Might Be Sky Giants / The Grugest Story Ever Told
Can't Hardly Bait / Crood Detente
This Is an End Part 1 & 2
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